1. Pair Device
  2. Set Up Recording
  3. Complete

Pair Your Devices

Firmware upgrade required!
You have to upgrade your device firmware to setup local recording. Upgrade now
There is a connection problem with your camera. Please reconnect and try again.
Your camera is offline. Please make sure your camera is turned on and connected to the Internet.
Your camera has already been paired with another hard drive or memory card. You must deactivate it in order to continue.
Firmware upgrade success!×

We are unable to locate a storage device on this account. Please make sure you have registered a storage device to use with this camera. Reload again.
There are already three cameras paired with this router. You must deactivate one of the other cameras in order to continue.
Please connect an external hard drive to your router, or insert a memory card in your camera. Reload again.
You must select a volume with at least one hour of storage remaining.