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Remote Files

Access your viewing, listening, readings stuffs stored in your home or office PC's

Purpose-built on your own

Only pair with the files folder you really need with a focus.


Browse photos in a sec

Access in a second and browse with ease collections of over thousands of photos in your PC.


Take music to go

Your favourite albums are right here. No need to transfer thousands of audio files from your PCs anymore.


TVs & movies lover

Keep your movies and TV shows in PC and Watch them instantly on your mobile, tablet and more.

Remote Monitor

Check on all your little things you care in a glimpse.

Check in after school

Make sure your kids is setting in front of desk for homework after school.


Keep your room on leash

Have roommates living in a shared apartment? Don’t worry about who come in without your permission.


Little lookout

See what your little love(s) is up


Be back in a flash

Make sure everything is okay if you leave your PC behind in the public area.

Remote Desktop

Don't be physically there while saving you time and energy and increasing your performance.

See works in progress

Your PC has something working on? Leave it and check in on the progress in a glimpse on your device.


Tech Support

It won’t be easy to explaining something technical on the phone. Now you can directly control their PC’s for help.


Work from home

Since the need of working from home has rise, it is flexible for those to access their office computer.


Long stay traveller

For those who have a long vacation regularly, leave your office PCs behind without anxiety.