Ideals on Features Product

Jan-Mar, 2015

Our product team didn't want to start off blind for creating home security cameras features. Or just follow ones from other competitors. I was tasked with proposing some ideals about it from conducting user research, from creating personas, storyboarding to writing contents.

mydlink Local Recording

July-Sep, 2015

Local recording is a feature allowing user to save recordings to local storage on camera or router, while accessing them from anywhere. I told stories about the pairing devices' flows and built design as well as prototypes. The use cases/specs list below was a deliverable I went through with my teammates to make sure each and every detail on how this functions works. View prototypes

mydlink Cloud Recording

Apr-Aug, 2015

Cloud recording was paid service allowing user to store recording in cloud. User can be able to review his past videos online and manage them as a video clip for sharing. My role was craft the user experience when user walks through payment flows as well as other related functions. Here is a list of use cases when I walked through this feature with my teammates. And that, I jumped into design phrase. View prototypes

mydlink Setup Wizard

July-Dec, 2014

Since D-Link had tons of IP cameras with their own installer, user was not easy to locate it. mydlink setup wizard is global installer allowing different camera buyers to download the same app and run their system. My role was to craft the use experience when user walk through this setup process within the installer. View prototypes